We can help you find your ideal personal trainer

This gym is not like the others. Independent personal trainers and yoga instructors train their clients at our facility. They all have different strengths, specialties, and they all manage their own personal businesses. Everyone is different. All of these trainers are different and we believe we can help you find your perfect match to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals. Take a look at one of them or look at all of them. Reach out to them and start your fitness journey to live a little better. At least one of these people below will be able help you do what you need to do.

Ayo Ogungbire

NASM Certified

Danielle Nicole

Dani Nicole Fitness

Tony Wasicki

Versatile Athletics

Jack Fitness

NASM Certified

Jonathan Parr

JParr Fitness

Patrick Davis

Patrick Davis

Bart Bryan

Camp Gladiator

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Tired of letting the gym tell you how to train, when to train, and who you can train? Maximize your potential as an independent trainer at Tiger ATX and join a growing group of health and wellness professionals working to help progress their community.